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Our company is based out of Northern VA. We are at the heart of the east coast networking, and have state-of-the art equipment and servers to ensure that your site or other hosting service is available to everyone when they need it, including you*. 2g2u was originally PSEUDO-SERVERS but was merged into 2g2u when a second owner, Geoff Bricker, teamed up with Larry Titus to create a local power house to fulfill that need for small businesses to succeed.

Geoffrey Bricker
Title: Co-Owner / Sales
Age: 23
Home Town: Herndon, VA

Geoff began using computers when he was just 9 years old, introduced by his brother using the Brother. He started to become very interested in the capabilities that computers had, especially when they were online, and started learning more and more through self-exploration. After dismantling a few computers when he was around 11 through 13, he decided he wanted to try other things with them, such as new operating systems and other “unusual” components. He first operating system that was not windows based with based off the UNIX kernel. It was FreeBSD. He used this as a server distribution utilizing various features it offered and network stability. While learning FreeBSD he also learned the LINUX kernel was similar and that he thought it would be best to learn both. He worked for Web Work Administration when he was 16 doing sales and side jobs when he was not in school. Web Work Administration taught him a lot about his current passion of Linux and Web Hosting as that was there, forte, as wellas home based support. After being medically discharged from the U.S. Army, he worked for Business Representation, Inc. as their Chief Technical Officer, reviewing security and technology products from the UK before BRI would sell them in the US. While working as the CTO for BRI, Geoff decided he wanted to run his own computer repair company that would do network, security and hosting as well. He opened Colonial Beach Computer Geeks to start out. It was a small town but acquired a contract with the Town of Colonial Beach within his first few weeks of operation. He did various jobs gaining more experience and worked as a consultant on various jobs such as Yates-Dev, InspIRCd, UnrealIRCd, UnlogicalIRC, and FBSD-DEV just to name a few. When he was 21 he heard his call again to serve his country and after a phone call from his sister who also worked for the government decided to close his doors and work as a public servant. Although he works for the federal government full time, he still dedicates many of his free hours to 2g2u, including sales and consulting and over-all operational leading.

Larry Titus
Title: Co-Owner / System Administration
Age: 25
Home Town: Huntingtown, MD

Larry Titus has similar work experience to everyone on 2g2u’s team. He worked for Calvert County Public Schools as a Help Desk technician, Atlantech Online (Level 2 support technician), Signius as a Network Engineer (Current), Pryme (now owned by Latisys) Technologies as a Support Engineer (Current), and co-owner of Larry has a great passion for all things technological. He loves using a wide range of operating systems from Windows XP, to MAC OSX, to LINUX and back. He runs various home boxes to test new structures that he thinks may benefit his customers before ever presenting them to the team for a real world application test, showing not only his team, but his customers his dedication to their satisfaction. Larry is also a very sweet person, he LOVES vanilla and used to work at 7-11 when he was younger. Just like Geoff, he dedicated a vast majority of his free time to to make sure it is successful and his clients are happy. Because a happy client means a happy Titus.

Brad Berkemier
Title: System Administrator
Age: 24
Home Town: Sioux City, SD

Expierenced as a System Administrator on the Epicenter Network, maintaining a multi-server network for a large chat resource used by people from all over the world. Former System Engineer with Pseudo-Servers; some of his daily tasks were maintaining multiple client databases and web hosting needs, responding to trouble tickets when filed and providing sound technological advice to server administrators when new there was new software releases.

Matthew Comiskey
Title: Graphics & Web Designer
Age: 23
Home Town: Herndon, VA

Matthew Comiskey graduated from Radford University, VA in 2009 with a BS in Computer Design. Matt has a heavy passion for design and 3D animation and loves to work on his own projects at home when he finds the time and show them off to friends, just to keep his skills going. Matt has designed several logos, advertisements and flyers for different companies over the years, including Geoff’s company Colonial Beach Computer Geeks. Matt also enjoys outdoor adventures such as skydiving, hiking, boating, mountain climbing and was a tremendous swimming and dive athlete in high school. Matt studied the art of Tae-Kwon-Doe as a kid and reached a 3rd degree black belt, while acquiring the rank of Grand Champion in his class twice in a national wide champion ship. His dedication and devotion to the projects he works in, and his passion for design and his artistic abilities are what make him our head Graphics and Web Designer.
To check out Matthew's graphics portfolio, click here!

Anthony "Todd" Jones
Title: Site Administrator & Support
Age: 22
Home Town: Princeton, WV

No bio available

James Porcha
Title: Web Designer & Sales / Support
Age: 20
Home Town: Dayton, Ohio

Ever since the age of 9, James has been fascinated with computers, technology, and the future. He has been developing his skills to maximize his potential at working with all these great technologies. His skills are a compilation of Computer Networking (CCNA), Computer Repair (A+), and Web Design.